Net Beans De Mariano Fernandez

Net Beans By Mariano Fernandez

NetBeans started as a student project in the Czech Republic (originally called Xelfi), in 1996. The goal was to write a Delphi-like Java IDE in Java. Xelfi was the first Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) written in Java, with its first pre-releases in 1997.

The original plan for the business was to develop network-enabled JavaBeans components. Jarda Tulach, who designed the IDE's basic architecture, came up with the name NetBeans to describe what they would do. The IDE would be the way to deliver them - and that's where the name NetBeans comes from. When the spec for Enterprise Java Beans came out, it made more sense to work with the standard for such components than to compete with it - but the name stuck.

Something else was afoot in the summer of 1999 - Sun Microsystems wanted better Java development tools, and had become interested in NetBeans. It was a dream come true - NetBeans would become the flagship tool set of the maker of Java itself. In the fall of 1999, with the next generation of NetBeans Developer in beta, the deal was struck.

Less than six months later, the decision was made that NetBeans would be open sourced.


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