Open Source Por Mariano Fernandez

This is a short article (mainly as an example) about that something that isn´t always clear: the comercialization of open source software.

Can You Sell Open Source Software As Generic Software?

Michael Robertson is at it again. Starting new companies and trying to shake up the status quo. A lot of people don't like his style, which often involves goading the companies he's trying to undercut into suing him, but he certainly gets attention. He's now trying, yet again. This time taking a page similar to his adventures with Linspire — which was based on the idea of taking Linux to the masses by packaging it in a friendly way. Om Malik points out that Robertson's latest effort, CompareSoft is about packaging and marketing other open source applications to make them more consumer friendly. So, yes, basically taking things like OpenOffice and GIMP and putting them in a nice box and selling them in a store for much less than Microsoft Office or PhotoShop. Even though people can download them for free, he's betting they'll be willing to pay for the nice packaging, which will make them feel more comfortable. He's comparing it to the generic drug market, saying that this is like "generic" software. Of course, the analogy breaks down because there isn't an easy way to just download generic drugs for free just yet…

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